5 metal buttons 38 mm for covering, including assembly tool

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5 Two-piece metal buttons 38 mm for covering, including pattern and assembly tool

Video assembly instructions French

10 metal buttons 38 mm for covering

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10 Two-piece metal buttons 38 mm for covering

Video assembly instructions French

Clavi starch removable, 500g

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Starch for laundry and easy ironing

Dissolve 1 dl Clavi starch in 5 L Water and soak washed textiles, move several times, wring out and iron when still slightly damp

10 Metal rings 7cm


Bookmark sleeves

181405 - 181605

Talens Protecting Spray, permanent

1556 / 501421
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A spray that starches small lace like Christmas and Easter pendants, jewellry, pictures, UFO doilies etc. It does not affect the thread.

Aerosol, highly flammable, protect from heat; can irritate skin and eyes or lead to allergies.

Caution: Shipping only in Europe by land

Synthetic starch Moravia, 200ml

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SUPERSTARCH is a synthetic product with an extra strong starching effect. It is permanent and cannot be completely washed out.

Protect the pricking with self-adhesive film and use rust-free pins as the starch is water-based. 1 part starch is diluted with 1 part water (40/2 linen). A weaker solution is applied to thicker threads. Use a sponge to apply the starch. The excess starch is removed with soft absorbent paper and the lace is immediately dried with a hairdryer.

Assortiment of chenille sticks

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Assortiment of chenille sticks red - white, 10 pieces 28cm x 10mm

125 small beads 3mm

075308, 075309

125 small beads 3mm red


8 Synthetic eggs in assorted colours


8 Synthetic eggs white

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